Are you unable to resist the urge to steal? Are you (or someone you know) struggling to figure out why it’s so hard to stop? Are you tired of fighting this alone?
A major television network is currently casting a series to hear your stories and follow your journey towards recovery.
If you’ve struggled with theft addiction in the past or feel like what you are experiencing is theft addiction – we want to hear from you. Casting call will run through May.
Call or email (private and confidential): Rachel Sobel – Producer, Theft Addiction Project: or 412.425.1051 (cell).

Overcome your addictions. 

Live the life you were meant to live!

The Shulman Center will help you succeed.

Sunday May. 31, 2020—Mr. Shulman presents “Cluttered Lives, Empty Souls: Compulsive Stealing, Spending and Hoarding” for Core Learning Southfield, MI 9am-3:30pm. $95 inc. lunch
Thursday June 11, 2020—Mr. Shulman presents “Cluttered Lives, Empty Souls: Understanding and Treating Hoarding Disorder” at Bay County/Pinconning Michigan Library. 6-7:30pm. Free.

The Shulman Center serves individuals, couples, families, organizations, and communities affected by shoplifting, Overspending, employee theft and/or hoarding issues. Since 1992, we’ve helped people from around the world through our sensitive and effective assessment, education, and treatment.

Our Mission Statement

We envision and work toward creating a world of emotional and financial health and balance, of honesty and deep self-esteem and self-worth for all.

The costs of shoplifting —
financial & emotional —
are enormous.

Are you tired of living a
secret life? Take the next
step and you will no longer
be alone.

Learn about shoplifting addiction


Will buying things ever fill
the emptiness you feel?
Can you afford your lifestyle?

Find out if you are a
compulsive spender and
how we can help you.

Learn about Overspending and Overshopping addictions


Stealing from your employer
risks your job, income,
reputation, and future

Contact us to avert a
disaster or get help
recovering from one.

Learn about emplyee theft and embezzlement


Hoarding disorder worsens
with time. Most hoarders
suffer from distorted
thinking, over-identifying
with their things.

Get help before it is too late.

Learn about hoarding and cluttering disorder


Meet Terrence Shulman

Terrence Daryl Shulman

I've been in recovery from addictive-compulsive stealing and co-dependency since 1990. I’ve been an attorney-at-law since 1992, a licensed social worker and certified addictions therapist since 1997, and have counseled over a thousand people from across the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere who’ve struggled with various addictive-compulsive disorders. I know the secret hell people feel: the guilt, shame, fear, confusion, and desperation of not knowing where to turn. Helping people recover from addiction is more than my job… it's my life." --Terrence D. Shulman

Mr. Shulman’s dedication to these issues includes prevention and understanding through corporate/retail consultation, seminars, and other professional services such as expert testimony. Mr. Shulman has been featured as an expert on Oprah, Prime Time, CNN, Entertainment Tonight, and in O Magazine, Hour Detroit, and the Chicago Sun Times. Click here to learn more about Mr. Shulman.

Retail and corporate consulting

Retail/Corporate Consulting

Skilled consultation on internal / external loss prevention and employee sensitivity training.

Terrence Shulman gives expert therapy in criminal matters

Expert Testimony

Mr. Shulman has represented hundreds of clients in criminal matters, including retail fraud and other theft related crimes.

Terry Shulman specializes in professional seminars for business and communities

Professional Seminars

Unique, impacting presentations targeted for communities, businesses, and legal, retail & mental health professionals.

The Shulman Center offers
Counselor/Therapist Training
in the assessment and treatment of compulsive theft, spending and/or hoarding.

These are fast growing and dynamic issues in our society.
Be on the cutting edge of learning about and treating these undertreated and misunderstood disorders!

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