Counselor Training Testimonials

Terrence Shulman is an amazing teacher. After completing his training I feel well-equipped to help clients with hoarding, shoplifting, overshopping and employee theft issues. His training is interactive, interesting and very useful for my practice. He merges his personal experience and clinical knowledge in a cohesive way. I highly recommend this training for any counseling professional.
Jennifer E. Fryer, LSMW

Dear Terry,
Thanks for your training. It shed light on some new areas for me.
Victoria Judge, LCSW-BACS
Quality Life Counseling Centers, New Orleans, Louisiana

“As a therapist with experience in the treatment of substance abuse and process addictions, Mr. Shulman’s candid presentation clearly demonstrated how our primary wounds leave us vulnerable to the development of distorted cognitions and maladaptive coping behaviors. It is always a blessing when someone courageously exposes their own struggle to bring hope to those suffering in shame.”
God bless,

Thanks Terry for providing a supportive educational environment that helped me understand and learn more about kleptomania and shoplifting addictions. I look forward to using the tools, resources, and treatment approaches with my clients. This training has helped me gain a better understanding and provided everything I need to treat individuals diagnosed with this disorder.


6 months later:

Hi Terry,
I wanted to thank you so much for the training. I had the federal public defender's office contact me for support for counseling shoplifters. I am ever grateful for you! Last month I opened my own practice.

Melissa Oliver, MA, NCC
Pittsburgh, PA

Thanks to Terry's help I feel confident that I can now provide
effective treatment for compulsive spending. I am glad I consulted
with him early in my career.

Zac Rhodenizer, M.Ed.
Alberta, Canada

I began this training to be a better therapist to my patients by becoming more familiar with compulsive shopping and hoarding.

Upon completion, I have learned to assess and treat not only compulsive shopping and hoarding, but spending, shoplifting, kleptomania and have learned about the employee theft epidemic as well. Unbeknownst to me, I was unaware of the various categories within each of these disorders as well as the many interventions and underlying causes for each.

When I began this endeavor, I felt these categories were broad and all encompassing. Throughout my certification, Terrence Shulman educated me on the various types of shoppers and spenders and how the family dynamic, generational themes and childhood experiences play a factor in the development of the behaviors that develop throughout life.
The same holds true for shoplifting and hoarding. Mr. Shulman provided me with the education on the difference between shoplifting and kleptomania and how to assess and treat each one. I became knowledgeable in the five different levels of hoarding and how one may move throughout them; how it may be prevented and what types of services are needed for each; probable timeframes to treat and what one as well as one's family may

I now have the tools and treatment materials to use with my patients so that they may work on these compulsions and move toward a healthier lifestyle, get a better handle on money management, remove clutter from their lives and improve relationships.

Jennifer Alfert, MS, NCGC-II
Caron Renaissance Treatment Center
7789 NW Beacon Square Blvd.
Boca Raton, FL 33487

I greatly benefitted from taking Mr. Shulman's phone training program for therapists like me who wish to learn more about shoplifting addiction and how to effectively treat clients with this disorder.

Randall Soland, LCPC,CADC,
Psychiatric Associates (Springfield, IL)

The three of us really enjoyed and learned a lot from Terry Shulman's intensive therapist phone training program for shoplifting addiction. We look forward to applying our new knowledge and sensitivity in our prison ministry program.

-R. Anne Eyster, Facilitator
-Steve Balarin, Facilitator
-Elly Ferrell, Facilitator

Bexar County (Texas) Prison Ministries
San Antonio, TX 78212

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