Your tax-deductible donation helps us help those who may not be able to afford books, counseling and/or other resources

Donate to C.A.S.A. LLC.

Dear Friends,

Looking to make a meaningful tax-deductible gift? Please consider writing a check to C.A.S.A., LLC (Cleptomaniacs And Shoplifters Anonymous).

Since starting the first nationwide C.A.S.A. support group in metro-Detroit in 1992, we have seen this group expand both in metro-Detroit as well as across the U.S. We also have online and phone support groups, too!

Nearly 10% of Americans shoplift, approximately 75% of Americans engage in employee theft, and many more engage in other forms of addictive-compulsive stealing.

People need various resources to confront and deal with their problems with stealing. The holiday season is a particularly difficult time for many.

In 2009, I registered a non-profit wing--C.A.S.A., LLC--of my company The Shulman Center for Compulsive Theft, Spending and Hoarding. I have received occasional requests to donate over the last three years and this is the first time I'm actually putting it out there myself.

If you are interesting in donating any amount of money, I will provide a receipt that can be used on your tax return. Donations to C.A.S.A., LLC help me better serve various individuals in the following ways:

  1. Mailing of information, meeting lists, and my books (notably: "Something for Nothing: Shoplifting Addiction and Recovery" and "Biting The Hand That Feeds: The Employee Theft Epidemic") to indigent persons and/or those currently incarcerated.
  2. Making phone calls and visits to jails, prisons, or mental health institutions to educate about addictive-compulsive stealing and treatment/recovery options.
  3. Assisting individuals nationwide in starting C.A.S.A. support groups.
  4. Offering reduced-fee or free counseling services to those who cannot afford it. Offering court-evaluations for those who cannot afford it.
  5. Offering free public talks on addictive-compulsive stealing and treatment/recovery options.
  6. Offsetting fees I pay to my website designer to update various C.A.S.A. support group listings and other info online. See: So, I encourage you to donate to this cause, especially whether my work, my books, or any C.A.S.A. support group has helped you in any way.

Pay it forward and help someone else.

We can only keep what we give away.

Any donations may be made through PayPal using the button below:

Or make your donation by mail with a check made payable to:

Terrence Shulman and C.A.S.A., LLC

mailed directly to:

Terrence Shulman and C.A.S.A., LLC
PO Box 250008
Franklin, Michigan 48025 U.S.A.

Thank you for your consideration.

Terrence Shulman, JD, LMSW, ACSW, CAADC, CPC
Founder/Director, The Shulman Center for Compulsive Theft, Spending & Hoarding and C.A.S.A., LLC

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