Hoarding / Cluttering Video Archives

Informative videos on hoarding and cluttering addictions, many featuring Terrence Shulman of The Shulman Center:

Saline District Library Presentation Cluttered Lives, Empty Souls from The Shulman Center

Mr. Shulman presents on hoarding disorder in 2015 at the Annual Michigan Social Workers Conference.

Classic Profile of Hoarding Disorder by Randy O. Frost, PhD

Causes of Hoarding Disorder by Randy O. Frost, PhD

Ways to Help a Family Member Who Hoards by Randy O. Frost, PhD


'Stuffed' - A documentary about hoarding disorders.

'POSSESSED' enters the complicated worlds of four hoarders.


'Packrat' looks at what we know about the causes and progression of this phenomenon

'Hidden in Their Homes: Hoarders Live a Private Nightmare'

Hoarding Disorder Featured on The Anderson Cooper Show December 1, 2011

MTB HOARDING with Terrence Shulman, Southfield, MI Public Library, 2017

TLC Hoarders Preview: Woman Faces Clothes, Shoes Shopping Addiction After Divorce, 2012

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