Media Appearances and Presentations

Mr. Shulman is pleased for any opportunity to educate the general public about theft, spending and hoarding disorders. He has been appearing on television, on the radio, and behind the podium for the past 15 years. Whether offering expert testimony on prime time news shows or in your local library, Terry’s purpose is the same. His mission is to enlighten people about these often misunderstood disorders and help those who suffer from them to find the help that they need to recover. You will find below a list of Mr. Shulman’s appearances, presentations and the conferences that he has participated in and organized.

Shoplifting and Theft addiction Media and Presentations

Shoplifting Addiction

Overspending / Overshopping Media and Presentations

Overspending and Overshopping addictions

Employee Theft
Media and Presentations

Emplyee theft and embezzlement.

Hoarding / Cluttering
Media and Presentations

Hoarding and Cluttering disorders.

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