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Professional Counseling

Mr. Shulman is available for brief or ongoing individual, couples and/or family therapy. Our typical brief therapy program consists of ten 1-hour sessions to be completed within twelve weeks. We also offer a more intensive therapy program that typically covers 15 hours over a 3 day period. The Shulman Center offers counseling services in person, by phone, via Skype/FaceTime, or other videoconferencing platforms.


The Shulman Center Program for Compulsive Theft, Spending and Hoarding

The Shulman Center Program has evolved and improved from its earlier successful results.

Typically, 90% of our clients enroll in and successfully complete the basic program structure:

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  • Ten 1-hour-long sessions (typically weekly) with Mr. Shulman within a 90-day period;
  • For one of these 10 sessions, it is highly recommended that a family member or friend attend a "joint session"
  • Note: we highly recommended that at least one of the ten sessions be a “joint session” which includes a key family member or friend;
  • A free follow-up session with Mr. Shulman to be completed within 30 days of session #10;
  • Read and discuss one or more of Mr. Shulman's books and/or books by other recommended therapists during the 90-day program period;
  • Participation in either a local and/or online support group (Mr. Shulman founded and moderates two private, confidential moderated confidential online support groups that can be joined (one for stealing issues and the other for spending and/or hoarding issues).

Note: Participation in The Shulman Center Program includes any/all letters for court, employment, or other issues at no extra charge.

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Four Books by
Terrence Shulman

Offering guidance, direction and inspration. Click here to learn more!

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Success Stories
and Testimonials

Hundreds of people have turned their lives around with the help of The Shulman Center.

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Learn About
Distance Therapy

Clinicians are now meeting the needs of tech savvy clients who would rather not make visits to a therapist’s office.

The Shulman Center also offers legal representation

Mr. Shulman has been an attorney-at-law in Michigan since 1992 and has represented hundreds of clients in criminal defense matters, including retail fraud (shoplifting) and other theft crimes.

He obtained his masters in social work in 1997 from the University of Michigan and is also a certified addictions counselor, a certified social worker, and an accredited certified social worker. He has given expert testimony in courts that has helped clients obtain reduced sentences and penalties for theft offenses.

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