How much do you have to buy to feel good enough?

Do you shop when you're anxious, then the debt makes it worse?

You CAN break that vicious circle / control your spending.

Overshopping / Overspending

compulsive shopping

How much would you have to buy in order to fill the emptiness you feel? Are you allowing others, advertisers and our consumer culture to define you? Do you want to keep working the rest of your life just afford your lifestyle and expenditures.

Welcome to Shopaholics Anonymous. Terrence Shulman has extensive experience helping recovering overspenders and overshoppers, and has been featured as an expert on The Today Show, The Early Show, MTV, Women's Entertainment Network TV, The Montel Show and more.

The Shulman Center can help you beat your spending/shopping addiction and give you the tools you need to live the life you want to live. Find out if you are a compulsive shopper or spender and how The Shulman Center’s specialized, intensive counseling program can help you.

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Reports vary, saying that between 5% and 9% of Americans have compulsive shopping disorders.

Our program provides compassionate, confidential and non-judgmental counseling, giving you the tools you need to change your life. The Shulman Center Program [link Counseling page] has been continually evolving and fine-tuning from its earliest successful results. Expert Therapy/Counseling sessions are available by phone with Terrence D. Shulman JD, LMSW, ACSW, CAAC, CPC -- attorney, addictions counselor, and expert on shopping/spending addictions. Typically, 90% of our clients enroll in and successfully complete the basic program.

Our goal is to educate individuals and the community at large about the complex motivations and recovery treatment process for these behaviors, while emphasizing personal responsibility and accountability.

We all shop for many reasons but the addict buys to relieve anxiety and over time the buying creates a dysfunctional lifestyle and more and more of their focus is on shopping and sometimes the cover-up too.

Why do people overspend/overshop?

  • Grief and loss (to fill a void)
  • Anger/Feeling Life is Unfair (to get back/make life right)
  • Depression (to get a lift)
  • Anxiety/Stress (to comfort or soothe)
  • Acceptance/Competition (to fit in)
  • Power/Control (to feel empowered or in control)
  • Boredom/Excitement (to live on the edge)
  • Shame/Low Self-esteem (to distract from feelings of worthlessness)
  • Entitlement/Reward (to compensate for over-giving or sacrifice)
  • Rebellion/Initiation (to break into one's own identity)

Consequences of Overspending/Overshopping:

  • Loss of time
  • Loss of respect
  • Loss of relationships
  • Loss of health
  • Loss of self-esteem
  • Embarrassment of others
  • Loss of focus
  • Loss of reputation
  • Loss of property
  • Other Legal Issues
  • Loss of finances
How can The Shulman Center help you beat your spending/shopping addiction?
Counseling / therapy for overshopping and overspending

Counseling and
Therapy Services

Ready to change your life?

Let the Shulman Center’s one-on-one and family counseling help you get on the right track.

The Shulman Center offers counseling services via Skype, by phone, or videoconferencing.

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Read Bought Out
And $pent

Bought Out and $pent, Recovery from Compulsive $hopping and $pending, written by Terrence Shulman, has helped countless recovering overspenders and is used in conjunction with his counseling program.

Bought Out and Spent, Recovery from Compulsive Shopping and Spending
Find a support group for shopping and spending addiction

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Group Near You

The benefits of personal support could make all the difference.

There are many support groups across the country that meet locally or over the phone. Find the one right for you at

Books about addictive behaviors

Read Cluttered Lives,
Empty Souls

Cluttered Lives, Empty Souls, Compulsive Stealing, Spending & Hoarding, written by Terrence Shulman, has helped countless people with addictive behaviors and is used in conjunction with his counseling program.

Cluttered Lives, Empty Souls, Compulsive Stealing, Spending & Hoarding
Learn about compulsive buying and shopping.

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What is compulsive shopping? Learn about the causes and suggestions for change.

Are you a compulsive buyer? There are simple tests that can answer that question.

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